back to school

supposedly today..

some of my colleagues were shocked to see me still in school.. they asked "can't bear to leave ar?" "came back to pack ur stuffs?"

since the day that email was sent out, people around were asking me why and when i was leaving.. after which there were some changes in my plan and the asking didnt help me at all.. even more so when i felt it was too troublesome to explain, i just told a lie. yeah, i lied.

a lie to cover my uneasiness? because i was still not sure.. im stopping myself by thinking alot.

even though i remembered words from the NHR saying 'there is no great victories without the accumulation of small victories.' and 'appearance does not matter as long as he achieve victory in the end.' but i guess, im jus not living it up.

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.. i do not wish to disappoint everyone..



Games for Food!

Fight World Hunger

all the small talks.