Perfect - Simple Plan

Pink - F**king Perfec

Hello "兔" 2011!

Finally 2011!!

why am i excited for the fact that we are in 2011? jus a very lame reason that its the Rabbit's year of the Chinese Zodiac; because I was born in the year of this zodiac animal two cycles ago..

and so, i leaked my own age ya...

its been some while since i blogged. the last time was 5 months ago!! and since then, many things happened and it certainly added some spices to my life.

i left my job of 3 years(may 2007 - aug 2010) and found a new job 1 month later in an industry that i probably would not expect myself to be in.. <>

call me dumb or pure, but i truted my comrade who told me that this was a great 'offer' not to be missed. and being me, i jus tooked it up..

many 'first time' within that 5 months of mine.. and now that i blogged about it, i dunno where to start!

oh my.. i seriously need to start doing stuffs that i need to do.. have been procrastinating way too much! (like installing printer. :O)

and so, i did a lil revamp of my workspace to make myself a lil happier..

but.. my almost-dying-6-years-old compact computer doesnt allow me to get photos from my iphone.. hmmmm..



ANYWAY, this is MY year and im supposed to set some really awesome resolution! but im still having my plans changed here and there.. and plans being plans, i have not done anything about them yet..

the past 4 months has been a great, great period of training for me.. thou not enough but i have experience quite a ot of stuff that is making me do my personal human revolution.. and now i have seen some of them, i need to change the negative ones and tap on the positive ones.. easier said than done. the most difficult obstacle is getting over myself.. ironic isnt it?

i always thought i was a simple-minded person. but recently i realised im not. if i modulate my way of thinking against most people, i think of too many unseen possibilities.. it was only because i lived each day as it is and didnt make plans for the future thus seeing myself as 'simple minded'.. hard truth it is..

thus in this new year, nono, this upcoming 11 months i must work hard towards the next few years "so as to achieve peace, happiness and prosperity for the nation." Jia You!


inspired from Yoga's song

back to school

supposedly today..

some of my colleagues were shocked to see me still in school.. they asked "can't bear to leave ar?" "came back to pack ur stuffs?"

since the day that email was sent out, people around were asking me why and when i was leaving.. after which there were some changes in my plan and the asking didnt help me at all.. even more so when i felt it was too troublesome to explain, i just told a lie. yeah, i lied.

a lie to cover my uneasiness? because i was still not sure.. im stopping myself by thinking alot.

even though i remembered words from the NHR saying 'there is no great victories without the accumulation of small victories.' and 'appearance does not matter as long as he achieve victory in the end.' but i guess, im jus not living it up.

perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.. i do not wish to disappoint everyone..


may i have your order?


anything la.

will do.

is what i had in mind regarding my future path.

i had always DREAMED of working in the creative line.. and DREAMED is the keyword. because i have never placed much effort. so now, I really need to think hard how i am going to dictate my own life.

all thanks to my sis and bro-in-law.

they were strict to me.. and spotted the most important weakness hidden within the deepest part of me.

so, after so long, i tried to reflect about my attitude and way of living ever since.

i am one who likes to run away.. and now i do not want to accept any suggestion as a solution or even worse, choose the easy way out.

Feeling really very tired. from the routine stuffs all along.. and when the offer came, i was really happy. In fact i would really love to go back to study but there muz be a deeper reason behind my rationale in order for me to breakthrough of this fundamental darkness.

I understand that to show actual proof, it is not enough to just be active in the organization by participating in activities. I must also win in my personal life as member of the society. It will be very difficult hence I muz be determined to stick through whatever path I have chosen. Since I had decided to work for kosen-rufu with whatever talent and mission I have.

One more day. NMHRGK

向前衝, 衝! 衝! 衝!

heard abit of this song on the radio.. then caught it again on the web. listen to it:

路 该怎麽样走下去
人 你心裡一定会说NO

向前冲 向前冲 忘记背后向前冲
向前冲 向前冲 看着标竿向前冲

呼喊着 呼喊着 你
心中的超能力 超能力


向前冲 向前冲 忘记背后向前冲
向前冲 向前冲 看着标竿向前冲

呼喊着 呼喊着 你
心中的超能力 超能力
跌倒了 跌倒了 没关
係再爬起来 再爬起来
现在就要开始 各就各位
我们就要一飞冲天 大声喊YEAH

向前冲 向前冲 忘记背后向前冲
向前冲 向前冲 看着标竿向前冲

向前冲 向前冲 忘记背后向前冲
向前冲 向前冲 看着标竿向前冲


what should i do?

this is too mystical!!

i chanted to have them called me if it was really meant to be for me to study there..

and jus now the lady called me!! and i do not have to attend the workshop. isit because they have too many empty slots?

nothing happened for a coincidence right? what should i do? (ho do ga jo?)

i have too much considerations in my head.. OMG~

I'm a Cyborg.

Preferred SMS than calls,
Addicted to MP3.

Lost my mind..

Oh man.. It's been some time since I update my blog w text. The past week (or weeks) has been a great ordeal for me.

Although I'm still going through it now… …

Monday was e start of sch holidays. And thus began ah tu's habit of sleeping late. It's such a bad thing! I know.. And I need to be more disciplined. Tuesday, went to expo w my colleague. And I skipped work halfway to do tt. We walked in the JL fair, queued for an hour for the C&KS fair. Both of us were playing this coin dozer game while waiting and in the end we left. Like very eng rite? Last stop was e food fair. we walked ard, tasted some samples and I bought bak kua. Then we walked ard wanting to look for snacks to eat. Then, I GASPED. and realised I lost my bag of bak kua!

Games for Food!

Fight World Hunger

all the small talks.