may i have your order?


anything la.

will do.

is what i had in mind regarding my future path.

i had always DREAMED of working in the creative line.. and DREAMED is the keyword. because i have never placed much effort. so now, I really need to think hard how i am going to dictate my own life.

all thanks to my sis and bro-in-law.

they were strict to me.. and spotted the most important weakness hidden within the deepest part of me.

so, after so long, i tried to reflect about my attitude and way of living ever since.

i am one who likes to run away.. and now i do not want to accept any suggestion as a solution or even worse, choose the easy way out.

Feeling really very tired. from the routine stuffs all along.. and when the offer came, i was really happy. In fact i would really love to go back to study but there muz be a deeper reason behind my rationale in order for me to breakthrough of this fundamental darkness.

I understand that to show actual proof, it is not enough to just be active in the organization by participating in activities. I must also win in my personal life as member of the society. It will be very difficult hence I muz be determined to stick through whatever path I have chosen. Since I had decided to work for kosen-rufu with whatever talent and mission I have.

One more day. NMHRGK


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