all about music.. and the rabbit of cuz!

rawr.. its already jan and im still sick.. sick from dec to jan, how nice? cough cough cough.. and i cant slp well at all.. i really wonder if humans are reincarnations of animals in our past life neh.. and 'pian pian' i've to live with a noctual animal. and my throat is hurting like mad. YAWNS~

nothing much durin jan.. being the first month of the year.. thus, i muz really set myself to planning for more hmv during my free nights and devote my 8-5pm dilligently doing work and nothing else other than reading email and havin lunch and tea.. *giggles* i guess i've no excuse to complain la.. so ~always look on the bright side of life~

had prac today.. and again the attendance plunge like the stock to 7-8 pple compared to the 10+ pple last week.. sometimes i really wonder.. wonder and wonder and wonder but no conclusion.. perhaps i cant achieve great tasks afterall.. had prac today but i cant play well at all when combined.. of cuz the same when practising on my own. play until brain almost explode and im still flat on my high notes.. OMG~~ may my fingers and brain work faster~

was always tasked some great mission but seems like i always fail them.. then again im asked to be part of this and part of that.. can i do it better? can i make a difference or will i be like a hollow man? ARGH.. its like being in a quicksand.. and the rabbit repeats the story over and over again.. who hear alrdy also sian..

actually, i wanted to apologise to you.. drag and drag, weeks and weeks pass till it seem almost meaningless.. sometimes when i chanted abt it, i feel tt i became a step closer to you.. it may be foolish to think tt way but i jus wan to know what was the problem.. im willing to listen to all of ur struggles, seriously.

and my NY resolutions is:
to be able to fulfill all the resolutions tt i've set this yr. *claps*

isnt it wonderful? ^.*


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