the day rabbit went singing, AGAIN..


my thumbdrive got stolen~ sobs.. and my stuffs deleted.. so what i got back is a empty thumbdrive. sighs.. yyy? y are human minds and hearts so un-pure nowadays? makes me not trust humankind again. :(

skipped 8.2 mtg for orch prac. which i dunno whether is good or bad. maybe its my way of expressing my point of view that we shld not be neglected. ahaha.. had sectionals which i didnt even manage to sort out my parts properly then we had combined on Beethoven's. which left me even more clueless. RAWR.

so many things to practise on!! sight-reading, fingerings, clef-reading, bla bla.. seriously so lost on saturday.. =(( bad mood..

slept thru the day on sunday.. till 12pm or 1? cant rem but i had a good sleep.. so now i know what's the problem with the big black hole in me recently le.. hahaa.. then got a call from nokia to collect my phone. guess what? woot woot~ im so glad they repaired the slider for me FOC! yay~ haha.. super surprised man.. and grabbed some stuffs from body shop which helped me saved ard $20++ (i wonder if its true anw,)

then supposed to head down to syc for the dance prac but i didnt go.. so in the end passed the kaiyo-cards to wz and met up w meow n doremon before we go K!! haha..

super happy~~ woohoo.. cuz sing and sing and sing until siao~ until i dun wanna go home le.. but really very tired.. cuz i think i was more of screaming than singing.. :P sorry to spoil ur ears my frens.. ahahaha..

now its time for serious stuffs.. no more online shopping, no more playing.. =(


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