again! again!

met my dearest weiyi again on fri and we went down for fri rend tgt!

has been lazy recently.. (or usually?) but thanks to HH and HH, i a target to meet everyday~ *claps* muahahha.. but really sorry(to others as well) that my phone has broken down!! waeh~ the slider came off and the screen is not displayin what it should display.. thus, even though i want to reply the messages, i just cant see anything except lines and dots that looks like noise~ angry leh~ only bought the phone for a few months.. and i dun have any spare phone to use if i put mine to maintenance. RAWR.

but i'm still smart la~ *monkey icon* cuz even thou i cant see, i have the shortcut keys to my music player so tt i can still listen to my 256MB of songs!! *claps*

but its still ok for me la.. *pray x 3* that i will have a new phone drop from the sky.. haha! hmm.. since this phone broke down then i can buy my samsung phone! yipee~~ any roadshow recently??


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