i've complains!!

muahahaha.. got complained by a fellow fren tt my blog too boring neh..all words.. finally have abit of free time and here's some of my backdated + recent pics:

taken outside SCH and it was also during NDP rehearsals. can you see the trail left behind by the aeroplane?

full moon~ i love! so bright n nice..

the cat and the rabbit outside waiting for time to pass..

the math square which my colleague managed to fit the two metal balls into the slots.. she was like holding it, so afraid to toppling the balls while i took the pic.. lol~

hor hor and liang liang in the 'bart'.. see, act cute not cute..

this one even worse.. act innocent neh~ *pukes* ahahahhaha!! heng heng! wait till i get ur pics~ hiak hiak hiak..


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