im back..

*cough cough!*

*sniff sniff*

*ahem ahem..*

argh.. has been sick for a full week.. terrible.. since when i became so weak bodied? as if my immune left me~~ :( sickness has been coming and gone, coming and gone.. zhen tao yan!!

maybe its good ne.. chinese new year so alof of things cannot eat ar, can jian fei... ahahahhaa.. :P

feeling terrible.. bleah.. esp after iwake up..and has been feelin tired and sleepy.. sleeping so much man!! can sleep and sleep and sleep andgoto bed at like 11 pm laidat at night! ahahaha.. zhen shi PIG neh.. last few days of zhu nian making me feel like one too?

hai.. so many things happened.. i feel as if im gonna explode.. but i will cont to be strong and overcome all by myself, one by one, patiently..

sent my HD for recovery on wed and i gotten the quote le.. ssigh... gonna be broke again.. BUT, i've got a $200 voucher to buy my phone!! ^^V i wanna get the samsung 210/200.. hiak hiak hiak hiak.. tai hao le.. *claps..

concert is coming.. and so many things poping out at the same time.. not easy man.. much work to do done.. so imuz get well asap so that i can focus on my practising and not trying to cope juz catching the beats.. like sat.. mybrain abit slow + abit off.. really sorry to everyone.. i think the cny mood and the weather affected us all.. muz pray for high life condition of all of us and shotenzenjin so we will be able to put up a most wonderful performance!!


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