1 week; 7 days..

haha!! have not been updating my blog for a week le..

like things have been moving around quite fast.. my mood also change faster than the new year lights.. three thousand realm in a single moment of life.. so fast that i think my brain processor cannot take it le.. wahahahhaha.. so geeky!!

have at least an hour of daimoku a day for now.. and i wonder how can i split myself into many parts so that i can do more things.. =S broke for at least a week alrdy.. and will last until the end of the week.. all cuz of the data recovery lor!! and i even lost some of my songs.. =(

and lots of things pending/stuck at my end. like the anniv book, the program sheet, the ticket( i haven come out with enough design), and now a new one, to design something for the youths rep who will be coming to singapore for 3.16.. not mentioning to be able to pass down properly all the contacts to D3 de ldrs, to complete one round of hmv, to meet up with the new dist, to prac my parts for comin concert, and many many more stuffs to do at work..

hopefully i can complete them and not cause any delay.. inspiration do not come so easily to me leh.. mine is Pte Ltd.. and still rem sec sch days when i was so siao abt band and always bear our slogan in mind.. "Music our inspiration".. till now still ba.. but guess dun have so many passion as compared to the times then..

plus, more and more targets and tasks that i set out to achieve myself.. somehow this becomes a domino effect.. and something needs to be at somewhere to stop the continued effect..

if i weren't a gakkai leader, how would things be? always asking myself this question.. but thinkin back, then i shldnt doubt myself right? trying to be someone where others would want to have around and enjoy talking to.. how? seems to keep creating the opposite effect leh.. =P

concert is coming.. still praying that my weiyi will be able to come down.. really hope.. there's only 1,2,3.. 14 days left.. shld i continue in my wilful prayers? she has always been the one supporting me, encouraging me.. even till now, she hasnt forgot things abt me, showin great concern even abt minor things.. but weiyi, you muz not forget what you have learnt. Please be able to receive all the daimoku from us.. even if one person is not sincere, you musnt be affected because only the true and loyal ones will stay.. looking at all the notes and encouragement that others wrote, i feel both at lost and happy.. happy cuz so many people is united and praying for your speedy recovery.. at lost because those encouragements, i dunno whether they'll make you think of more unnecessary thoughts or whether they really serve their purpose. no matter what, i juz hope that you will continue to live in a way true to yourself.. and stand up soon with an indomitable spirit! though our body may be weak, but our spirit muz be so strong that we remain clear-headed and with a lively spirit.. i will reserve tixs for u orh~~ go into building fund.. muz be near amk!!! hahahaaa..

schedule packed.. muz be packed.. haha.. the thought of concert makes me suddenly dun feel like gg for performance.. i always have nightmare when ther's concert or competition.. like during SYF, NDP al that.. i will dream of the worst scenario that will happen.. =SSSSS

though i cant change how others may think right now, but really need alot of daimoku to ensure the success of the *concert.. of cuz alot of practising as well. really really, cannot and dun wan to see the same thing happen le.. *hen hai pa*

Lets all jia you together ok?


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