WAH~~ *stretchs* tired tired.. but fulfing day!!

chanted for 5 hrs today.. pro hor~~ faster clap for me.. ahahahhahahaa.. it was really NOT EASY.. my legs ache.. my eyes closing.. my mind wandering.. hahaha.. alot of sanshoshima will attack de lor..

many questions in my mind.. i think a lil of thr 5 hrs dmk went to me also.. :P will be more compassionate to others.. hahaha.. why like this, why like that.. bla bla bla.. :P

then met des to teach him some stuff.. actually i also not pro at all.. anyhow fake through.. hahaha.. but at least i helped him understand a lil and know how to use it better neh.. yea! not bad hor.. he cant go for prac cuz of his many assignments, and projs.. so many pple cant make it prac today.. =(

guess the attendance?

*drum rolls*

13! so lil.. thats like the scenario when we juz changed to orchestra few yrs back.. the familiar scenario.. we played lousily lor.. i also.. but precisely cuz we're in a small grp, we tend to interact more and make prac more fun.. right? esp. the part wher the drumset supposed to play but our t-bonist keep going "zi-dun zi-dun", as if they're real beatboxer.. haha.. :P funny leh to laugh at them.. but our percussionist muz jia you lo!! cuz the tempo seems to be slowing down, slower than the conductor which makes it diff for me to concentrate and play in unison..

moved the instruments down to the main hall downstairs after prac.. something hit me again.. i dun understand.. but i will try to understand the intention of the person.. =) trusted comrade!! finally we tied lil yellow ribbons on the instruments for indentification.. OURS!! OURS OK~ its our weapon for bringing the bread home.. hahaha.. no la.. jkjk..

finally gg home le.. the thought of gg home alone, on the train w/o my khakis made me so sad.. =( but luckily i managed to hitch a ride! hahaha.. then saw the rest of them waiting for bus outisde when the car passed by which made me so guilty.. but well, they dun come every prac also.. haahaha..

seriously many things to do.. and i think i wait wait wait until not enough time le.. hai.. yao jia you lo~ i want to be able to play every single note correctly and on beat during the concert.. really lookin forward cuz its like another of my official concert playin bassoon.. i regard this more importantly cuz i feel more confident abt my playing and also more attached to the music and the instrument itself.. and of cuz the new dress code that we have! wanna find out? then come for the concert!!

haha.. tixs r not free btw... we'll be collecting ANY amt tt u wanna donate.. which the whole of this sum will go to the building fund of our new building.. which is to accomodate to the increasing membership and also better facilities for us. SUPPORT US! SUPPORT ME OK??

haha.. so much so... i shall end here.. -.-zzz nightz my friends!


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