its a sad sad day~

hai.. ah tu is sad.. i feel like i've been cheated lor..

yesterday before i left work, feeling happy and all.. and today, i felt the total extreme.

how can they attach someone else's payslip to mine? or maybe it was because i was too mindless to see carefully AGAIN.. but still!!! i thought i had an increment! when i checked my bank, there wasnt. so i forgot all bout it until i reached home.. checked again this morning bearing some hope.. there still isnt!! checked the document.. its another person's name!! so sad so sad.. the money is not mine~~~ hen xiang xiao zhe guo qu, but its impossible.. i juz wished i had a shell to hide in now lor..

my only consolation is my friends who will rejoice w me when i share w them the good news and who will feel sad together with me when i told them that it didnt turn out good.. at least my happiness is doubled and my sadness is halved le ba.. right?

maybe i'm really those who do not have a mind of my own.. but i do have my own principles..why should we live a life that is so self-centered, self-demanding? hai.. how i feel, what i do, what's in my mind cant be said with juz a few words or even a few nights of talking.. that's y i'm juz tryin to release a lil of my unhappiness, of my clashing thoughts, to minimise the chances of suffering internal injuries.. =P

ther's a chinese saying dunno wad ... 惊醒梦中人 i think i feel like that.. go a big round, still come back to ourselves ba.. since i realise this, should start thinkin about wad i shld do and wad i can do le.. but i really feel very appreciated for the efforts trying to put in.. we are all humans so definitely ther'll be times wher we feel tired.. i also will!! but i always tell myself that since sensei can do it, i muz also be able to win, even step by step.. hahaha...

bu zhi dao yao shuo se me.. (i dunno wad to carry on typing) ru guo you se me wen ti jiu lai zao wo ba! (if you have any enquires, feel free to look for me!!!) wo sui ran hen mang, dan bu guan zen yang dou hui jing wo nen li de! (though i look like a busy person,i will do my best to help!~)

*the translated english text is for the benefits of dead indian meat.. wahahahaha.. :P


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