wu gui!!

Look at this:
and this!

Janus a two-headed Greek turtle is displayed at the Natural History Museum in Geneva September 5, 2007. Janus, named after the Roman god with two heads, officially celebrated its 10th birthday on Wednesday. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse (SWITZERLAND)


it is a 2-head wu gui!!(tortise)

because W = Weili, it also happens tt W = Wu Gui..

like i'm so proud of it heh? well, for the very strong character in 'Tortise and Hare Race" ba.. the tortise won due to its unwavering determination.. but i think i'm worse off compared to tt wu gui.. =(

sometimes or rather, most of the time i really cannot understand my mom.. argh!! hao xiang bu guan wo fu chu se me nu li, dou kan bu dao jie guo, shi qing ye yi zhi mei you gai bian.. wei se me ne?

isit cuz i'm really ignorant like wad they think of me to be, or am i juz like this in front of them, OR am i only like this in front of them? i also dunno lei.. mystery to be solved..

lots of things to do, to think..

so see ya!! enjoy ur day!! ^-*


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