thoughts and more thoughts..

yoyoyo! so have u seen my phantom design? haha.. lazy to design again.. finally have some work to do at school.. to plan for holis activities!! haha.. but guess i'll juz be kept occupied for 3 days out of maybe 1 & 1/2 months?

been thinkin alot recently.. is hu si luan xiang.. and my life condition keeps fluctuating.. dun like it at all..

been think bout my life, my faith.. has been like rollarcoaster.. not gg up at all.. keeps going down.. sob sob..

and thinkin bout life as a worker in society.. pple used to respect all those who're workin cuz they're contributing to the society, workin hard to improve the country.. but lookin at now, how many pple are really workin in the society, contributing because they wan to do so? even for me, i go office sometimes also play games, bla bla.. so i'll do more to improve myself and my environment!

been thinkin since when and how have i been sliding down the slide.. and what muz i do to get back to the old me again?

how can i truly encourage someone again? giving them hope to continue in life, continue in faith and even breakthru their problems? how can i do tt if even i cannot do it myself? hmmm..

learning guitar, watchin Hey! Gorgeous! on tv.. they picked those pple in campus and asked them to perform etc.. and each of them can do something tt they really excel in.. and i ask myself, thou i can play clar, sax, bassoon, piano, basson, i can dance, i can sing, but which one am i really good at?

- none.-

pathetic aint it?

wo zhen de bu zhi dao wads my mission.. i'll continue seekin.. now is juz like a lost sheep.. bah~..

"wo cheng jing shi yi zhi/zai mi huan zhong de xiao mian yang
ru jin, wo yi zao dao le fang xiang...
xian shen ar, qing ni hao hao de bao zhong ni zi ji
ning de hai zi, pang wang yu ni zai xiang ju..
ning de hai zi, pang wang yu ni zai xiang ju!!


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