today is yet another slack day.. woke up late again.. and after i woke up, watch TV, wait for lunch, eat, bath, chant and went out le.. feel so guilty.. but sometimes i juz need some time to slack.. BUT.. hai.. contridicting me.. haha... but fun day today.. i'm really very goodoo about roads.. so ytd made sandee aunty drove one big round juz to send me home from hougang to amk.. so sorry~~ and today.. cannot give any directions at all.. i juz know ".. from CTE go to TPE.." wahahaha.. sometimes i feel i'm juz a burden.. but i cannot be like this right?? muz WAKE UP~~ come on! everyone is a Buddha.. yupyup.. i've a victory to report! i brought him to the photo exhibition! even though only for a short while, but well, at least he's been to 2 kaikans alrdy.. talked to him bout history of SG.. somehow images of how i talked to ian in the past flash back to me.. i cannot let the same thing happen again.. i cannot let myself bring someone further away from gohonzon.. this is not my intention right? so now the best way is to chant for Buddha's wisdom and show actual proof.. sayin will not help.. anyway, happie day.. haha. and went down to polaris.. i'm glad to see more cics comin out!! =D had a really nice dialogue with all of you.. thank you so much for sharing all of your struggles.. i think i'm the one who has grown the least.. muz work even harder! because of all of you, i will strive.. as sensei says :"because ther's people there.." i muz help those around me to transform their karma in the shortest possible time and attain happiness!! H-E-A-R-T-S


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