sleepy me..

ytd i received a call from my internship company.. it was like ard 5.55pm already.. the company is called ETI.. nv heard of it.. so he told me lots of things.. like wat they're doing, where is the company located, blah blah blah.. den nick ask me y i nv ask him how much pay i was gettin.. -_- like diao.. its ok.. haha.. wuite excited but quite anxious also because i haven quite finish my FYP proj.. very sleepy lor.. once i open the flash i'm like so sian.. because i look at it everyday.. tryin to debug still.... haha.. wish me luck man.. i hope i can pass my FYP with at least a B lor.. even though i very slack.. this morning i was awakened by my nephew.. but not quite either.. he was banging on the door with his plastic container shouting "ah yi, ah yi" meaning auntie.. so cute la~!! but i was too sleepy to get up.. i woke up i the middle of the night to read sms and go toilet.. dunno why laidat.. aft ytd's rehearsal for our PGR mtg, i felt sooooooooo much better.. not so stress le.. but have alot to do.. while i was deciding whether i shld go for band or SD mtg, i chose the latter.. one thing is because i wan to get ji sheng to go more SD mtg den aft tt we can go down to tsc tgt.. but at the same time, i was thinkin maybe i meet up with june at her hse or something b4 i go to tbsc.. hehe.. suddenly realise i so smart.. =P and fri.. i dun think i can go for sinfonia lor.. so sad!!! =S still waitig for confirmation reg. the rehearsal and also weiyi's fren got n tix so i sort of 'gave up' mine.. hmmm.. so i'm like a wandering ghost lor... felt so hangin hangin in the air... BRB!!

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