photos, photos, and more photos!!

yeah.. its time to upload photos again!! on the way home, za was sayin it has been a long time since she went home straigh from sch cuz normally like her parents fetch, going out etc.. haha.. me too.. since no more tuition, i've always been out for Gakkai activities.. so AIA pple, i'm doin a good cause ok..? chey! haha.. Za, here's to our friendship.. :

here comes some pics of my FYP days :

drinkin pao pao cha twice @ south and i have 2 diferent designs!!
the words on the cover are very meaningful.. it goes like this : 感激责怪你的人因为他提醒了你的缺点。and the second one : 你不能预知明天但你可以利用今天。

a rough translation : be appreciative to the one who criticise/comments on you because he reminded your faults. 2. you cannot predict what will happen tomorrow but you can make full use of today.

well.. i feel tt these quotes are very meaningful lor.. haha.. =)

tissue from Cheers... for spending $2 and above.. =D

postcards, postcards and more postcards from splash & decker!! a great way to write to ur members!!

my fav mint sweet now!! but all gone when i only ate 1!!! =(

nice bitter chocolate for $1.95

last but not least, Sinfonia tickets!! nice rite? white and silver.. hope i can go successfully... =)

so nice rite? but i dun claim the credits.. it is done by our dearest carrine for the upcoming institution mtg.. carrine xin ku ni le!! =) sorry for my continuous pestering.. hehez.. both designs also nice rite?? ok.. tts all folks!!


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