hmm. was juz blog hoppin juz usual n readin everyone's blog.. haha! so free ar.. ya.. but i made many 'realisations' in myself.. youth shldn't be too materialistic.. because all these are only external objects or desires tt we have.. so wat if we have? sufficient is good.. because aft u obtained all these, ur problems still wont go away and u will still not gain absolute happiness..

i'm also lost at times.. very frustrated and angry with myself.. sometimes, at others.. but y do we get angry? because our life states is constantly changing and we do not have such a 'large' life to contain eveything.. sometimes i do so many things until i 'gong'.. call mbrs until i start thinkin Y am i callin them when i cant even help myself? this is when i keep askin myself questions and also faster read alot of sensei's guidance.. den i find my answers.. because we don't live on this earth alone.. because of the karmic bond that all of us share.. we shld actually help one another to grow and lessen our karmic retribution.. this sound chim? hmm.. means we are all interdependent on one another.. whether you like to hear it or not.. we may hate our parents.. but y are they our parents? y isn't ur parents my parents? rather than blaming the fact, we shld realise tt we share this bond to become a family in this life thus we shld help each other breakthru our negativity so that we need not suffer this accumulation of our cause in this lifetime and bring it to the next..

i always feel tt my parents are not good, my sisters bully me, my friends do not care about me.. but when i came upon some things and i realise, so what have i done? many times it is not the event that happen that make us sad but rather it is the way we face our problems that we can change our perspective towards things..

this is where mentor and disciple comes in.. without a mentor, our life will be like a ship without compass.. a mentor is not a superior being or someone tt orders u to do things.. but a mentor knows exactly how u feel and what you're experiencing thus giving us appropriate guidance.. and even more so shld we cherish our mentor Daisaku Ikeda who has encouraged and changed the life of so many million people thru his life experience, books, sincere dialogues and guidances.. i'm am also still seekin out for my mentor.. so lets seek tgt!! =)


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