sHEn BiNg Le...

yoyo!! nw pls let me update u about ytd.. so ytd i went for morning gongyo.. had a vEri good gongyo tgt with GD.. i muz do my best.. because GD is also puttin all his efforts into SSA.. since the hmv, i have been pondering hard wat to do.. i dun wanna dwell like a jellyfish without any aim in the sea again..

so aft morning gongyo, i suppose to have homevisit.. to a YWD believer.. but in the end because of some probs we were unable to go.. so i became a wandering ghost in tamp central.. hahaz~! saw soo ling they'll but i didnt go and approach them.. wanna spend time with myself.. =P so i walk walk walk.. went to Yamaha to buy mouthpiece pad for glenn.. den to Popular, hopin to get presents or cards for jinsi.. in the end i got a envelope & a A5 size paper.. den i went Minitoons : nothing interesting.. so i decided to go somewher to sit down to write the card.. so i went to Library.. i tot there'll be nobody cuz exams over? but Gosh! the library was full of students mugging!! disappointed me.. went back to tamp central & i decided to try LJS.. Yeah.. finally it was pretty empty so i bought a drink & sat down there.. thiinkin of wat to write for jinsi.. den jin-er aunty call me.. we were talkin about the YWD believer blah blah blah la.. den suddenly " " . "Hello Hello?" there was no answer.. i look at my phone and i was like !!!. there is no more batt!!! =( so sad cuz i need to contact yen lee and weiling and many others but wat can i do? so i juz continue decorating my card..

den i was vEri broke.. couldn't get an extra batt.. and i only have 20cent coin with me.. but in the end manage to somehow stall time until weiling came.. by then i was already half-zombie cuz i was damn tired..

so jinsi & Adeline's birthday was another challenge.. we wanted to go seoul.. so we went.. den they say seoul is ard 20++ y not go Sakura instead? we tot.. hmm something new so ya.. we sat Raymond's car while the rest toOk a bus.. den in the end..? Sakura only opens @ 6.00! and it was bearly 4.00pm!! so we got to U-turn go back to Seoul.. den when we were back @ Seoul, they decided to go Ajisen instead.. Phew~~ finally can sit down le.. so we ordered.. i had Spicy Miso Ramen.. nice!! den i think sulin ordered Paiku (literally Pork Ribs) den the girl i think she not singaporean.. she say:"let me repeat ur order" but the thing is ther is so many of us.. how we know which is whose? haha.. so she read.. the only thing i know is me, jinsi & yenlee order Spicy miso so there shld be 3.. ya correct.. so we juz say ya.. den the order came.. all ours arrived except weifeng. the girl ask "Ruan ku is whose one" nobody response cuz we all got ours.. den she was like quite irritated " u'll ordered paiku ruan ku rite?" we say Paiku yes, Ruan ku no.. weifeng say he ordered same as Ivan which is Ton toro.. den the girl insisted "juz now i repeat the menu u'll say correct.. Paiku Ruan ku rite?" den as she say she juz put the bowl infront of weifeng.. weifeng was ok he say nvm he eat anything.. hai.. but i feel her attitude not vEri good lor.. are u afraid tt u'll be scolded or wat? real service u shld actually place customer first.. juz change it lor.. but nvm la.. so we eat, talk.. den after tt toOk some pics.. as i was damn damn broke, had to get yen lee to pay for me first.. thank you yen lee!! the Raymond ar.. all kinds of funny face.. he can make sexy one, funny one.. den make us all laugh until pengz.. haha.. so aft tt jinsi wanted to take neoprint so we went CS cuz the machines there better ba.. den met shirley there as she was with her parents & grandma.. haha.. 10 heads into one machine.. poor YMD got to squeeze into the space where the backdrop is.. haha.. quite funny.. we do until no more face to do le.. den all the YWD had fun drawin & decorating lor.. we put the funny things on people's head la.. etc.. in the end we chose the largest one with 8 segments & Weiling our princess wil scan & print & laminate for all of us.. haha.. xie xie weiling la!!

so we all toOk train tgt while ivan went with raymond.. had a fun time..

so when i got home.. realised tt my sis bought pizza!! diao.. eat again.. nvm la.. haha.. it was another brand one.. not pizza hut or canadian.. turns out to be nice!! the salad was nice!! haha.. i sat already had pizza for dinner le.. wah.. already fat fat lor.. aft my sis left i went to do my evening gongyo den called up my district girls.. even though i was sneezing while calling them, i feel quite 'high' in the sense tt i was loOkin forward to seeing them and to do more things.. haha.. toOk some medicine den went to slp.. but who knows when i wake up, it seems to have become worse~!! shld be ok la hAh.. muz drink more water can le... =D yeah.. loooooong post.. will update again!!


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