week 9

sianz.. week 9 of school.. dunno whether isit i'm not clever enough or i lack of wisdom today.. woke up @ 8 today.. late le!! by the time i reach sch already 9am ++ i think.. so sad.. =( hai.. i'm still strugglin with my new mobile game.. edmund(my supervisor) ask me to do checkin, make sure the ball can bounce when i press a key.. blah blah blah.. den he say he wanna come over when weifang ask me to go for break.. !!! *saddened.. so which means i cant go for break le.. now still here tryin to crack my brains out..

Things to do :
do mobile game
YWD/WD mtg planning(loads and loads of plannin)
NYPSD up-comin institution mtg
consolidate timetable to prepare for polaris
study mtg
do human revolution

see sooooooooooooooo many things to do.. *saddened x 2

but anyway, here to show u'll some pics..

celebrating s.adel and jinsi b'dae at Ajisen. This is 'See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil' but how come got extra?? Ooh.. its 'Smell no Evil'.. hehez..
this is all our lanterns @ NYP koi pond durin mid autumn fest.. the time when PSI hit a all-high 150!! =P


Games for Food!

Fight World Hunger

all the small talks.