the bart broke down.

Nichiren Daishonin wrote in the gosho "On attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime:"It is the same with a Buddha and an ordinary being. When deluded, one is called an ordinary being, but when enlightened, one is called a Buddha. This is similar to a tarnished mirror that will shine like a jewel when polished. A mind now clouded by the illusions of the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but when polished. it is sure to become like a clear mirror, reflecting the essential nature of phenomena and the true aspect of reality. Arouse deep faith, and diligently polish your mirror day and night. How should you polish it? Only by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo."

how true this is.. esp some bamboo tt "bu ting ah tu yan" jiu really eat lousy infront of u le.. haha.. although my mirror is not especially clear and bright, but really im trying my best to polish as much as possible.. but due to the very strong demon inside of me, i really am havin a hard time..

1. mentor and disciple.
2. correct and determined ichinen
3. clear and concrete prayers
4. unity

was stuck on the road -standing- ytd tgt w weiyi.. T___T
we were taking 190 from park mall to sjsc.. and i think the traffic was really bad within orchard area. to add frost to snow, a bus tat lor jus right before the expressway. (note: it was a single lane road).. thus for 1 hr, the bus went 1 m and came to a jerk stop.. i dunno how many times we been thru this and we even wanted to alight n take a cab cuz it was really killin our feet standing.. and to anger my demon within even more, there was this lady wearing CROCS, sitting down and constantly moving her head.. left to right, left to right and because i was holding on to the handle behind her head, my hand caught her hair several times. i can see tt she was also abit irritated. then STOP moving ur head.. GOSH. angry leh.. other than this, there was also quite a few weird characters.. anw, interesting but we were thinkin of how to distract each other from the 'suffering in saha bart' so we kept talkin.. and also chanting hard in our hearts tt the bus can move on quickly n smoothly. by the time we reached sjsc, it was 9pm.. =(( it was alrdy zone chief's sharing.. about yamaguchi campaign.. maybe i was alrdy LLC by then but i feel they shld use another way to encourage us.. esp leaders.. and not always use the same words and same thing.. so.. i'm also gg to start my own campaign because i wanna show tt i will be able to win over myself.. i guess this is the effect of reverse logic ba. XD

yay its friday.. and weekends is here!! i went to the IT fair ytd.. and saw a laptop that has pressure and sensitivity techonology.. i wonder if it works like a tablet PC.. really tempted to buy.. :S:S:S i definitely need to make another trip down again.. anyone?


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