the bunneh stepped on its own tail..

RAWR.. my life condition was stifled again these few days.. by some remark then even now when i thought of it, i thought i was being rash and not trusting the 'victim' enough.. anw, the victim will never know that IT's a victim. XD

sometimes i regretted for not believing in you.. sometimes i feel that i dont understand you.. so confused. ARGH.. sayin to give up is so difficult in this case.. anw, perhaps after ard few more days i wont see u so often again..

anw, i am jus so disppointed in myself.. AGAIN! yes, AGAIN. boo~

i need to become a better person.. study more then practice more then determine to win more and yay~!! *claps*

seems like many challenges ahead to determine whether our 'zhi wu yuan' perf will be a successful one.. sighs.. i need to chant more.. we all do.. and take good care. although i m fallin sick soon i guess..

Ignorance is bliss. so i m happy! =)


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