in quite a struggle recently..

internal, external, physical, emotional kind of struggle.. really all sorts that i've been trying to identify n seeking.

but im sure there's a reason why im going thru all these, or rather, im making myself going thru all these. :D nobody understands but its ok. i know, i understand, i fight and i mus definitely win at the end of the day.

today.. is cross country!! so im alone in the staff room! o.O im so awake and so onz.. i think 4 hrs of sleep is jus nice for me.. too long, im tired also. so spend more time awake probably i can utilise my time more efficiently.

kagoii-desu! (so cool) and im going to spend my 8 hrs doing super lots of things. like.. designing! have been given quite many opportunities for me to hone my skills and practicise.. but i guess the 'knowledge' and 'professional application' thing really does play a huge part. if you dont have the fundamentals, you cant deliver something decent. and that is why im stuck. but heres something (in a long while) that i've produce and receive a compliment from a gakkai designer tt i look up to. =D

so sell 'go-yok'(medicated plaster) time!! FRendezvous coming back in March!! if you wonder what is FR all about, kindly approach our friendly district/chpt leaders! =D

i've finally found a song tt i dai-suki alot!! the last time i heard was during a KTV and i didnt catch the title. only rem part of the song.. and then 'hola'! i caught it on radio. heeheehee.

曲:周杰倫 詞:劉耕宏/陳剑龍

黑夜滲透了思念 偷不走微光閃現的千種畫面
我背著傷痛離開 孤單拖著記憶 支離破碎
原以為不會改變 眼淚在臉頰上乾枯失去知覺
我的心掙脫了愛 跟隨著夕陽埋進了海洋

我有我的過錯 我有我的疑惑

慢慢遠離的夢 漸漸冷卻冰封

nice song? echoes: YES~
ok im mad.. due to lack of sleep. Kerene left. and i will move on from here. quickly and steadily. since im the rabbit. :)

ok im almost done. and TGIF!! although got pple OMGIOF.. XD but.. looking forward is most impt ya.. :D


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