my update since...

hasnt been updating my blogger for awhile.. lazy and tired.. was busy with work on weekdays(duh~) then busy running all over on weekends.. when i get home, i can only bath and then i'll need my sleep..

told my sis i becoming a panda le.. sighs..

have also been sick the past few weeks.. from 08 - 09.. woah! ahahahha.. i think its a vicious cycle ba.. but sick is good leh.. can eat less and burn more fats. XD now i fat back le lor.. sobs x 10 cuz it is so difficult for me to be a pretty lady..

first 2 weeks of the year @ work started all well and energetic.. but as time goes, i think my battery is depleting.. i always feel that the work im doin is a lil different and 'challenging' in an alternate point of view.. i wonder alot, and also conclude alot.. but overall, i am still greatful for my good fortune manifesting in the form of colleagues ard me..

till now, im still searching for my mission.. and recently, various responsibility tasked upon me made me wonder.. is that really what i want to do, is my mission, or isit just a contribution of my know-how? i wonder neh..

anw, CNY in 3 days time! and i haven even done my shopping.. i guess stocking up my work clothes is more impt ba. since we go to work 5 days a week and only out 2 days a week.. even the cap i bought from vietnam, i got no chance to wear~~ T___T

first day + 2nd day where all my frens wud busy outside visiting, i guess i'll probably be plucking grass at home.. since i live in a field with metal bars anyway.. XD so ke lian laidat.. but what is the purpose of NY then? if your relatives for 1 whole yr dun even call u or try to avoid u, shld u still be kpo and find ways to visit them? hmmm.. in a sense, it also boils down to ourselves as human being.. as said, if we jus happen to talk bout it, pple will compare the financial status and all like choosing for a son-in-law laidat.. then they'll have doubts about the religion or philosophy tt u're practising.. somemore im like the blacksheep that doesnt do any good to the family except eating all the grass till the land is bare. i wonder neh..

hmmm.. i jus wished tt we stay near our relatives in the first place perhaps now i'd have more 'friends' ba.. anw, after CNY its time to hmv! now i left 3 ywd dist only.. so sad.. but it isnt something tt shld get me down.. but something tt i've promised my ymds as well to work hard towards.. so less slp, more determine, more dmk!

lets be happier in the new year! Gambarimasu!!

Minna-san~! Niu Nian Banzai!! ^^VVV


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