the bored-to-death rabbit was freed!!

bored man.. long weekends seems like eternity for me when i dont get to go out.. baby's at home.. so sort of stayin in to look after him.. fri no activities after work.. sat and sun only went out for zadankai.. phone was lonely too.. nobody was lookin for me!!! *plays violin* sighs.. even the friends i asked out had their own activities and wasnt free.. i guess i am jus so unwanted afterall..

finally.. a ray of light came on monday!! because my colleague said to go out tgt after she finished her work.. so i waited.. and in the end my fren smsed me to go out instead.. internet was still down.. (oh, it was a long story) and its still down now.. i prob need to get a new router.. my fren keep asking me to go out and i hasnt get any sms or call or i went ahead..

we went suntec's fish & co and then headed to bugis to meet my colleague who needed to get some stuffs as well.. pictures pictures!!

us at train station.. XD!

Za's eating..

the Sharkie's freeze.. it came as a shock to us cuz it was so huge!! look at the comparison with the normal water glass.. luckily we only ordered 1..

eh.. <> face?

sian face..

reflection yea!!


Games for Food!

Fight World Hunger

all the small talks.