the slack week

hmm.. juz typin a short post on my weekends..

went to pauline's hse for chanting on sat.. was late cuz i woke up late.. and also cuz i was helpin my sister to wrap some 'present' which in the end i found out was for my another sister.. AH~~ HELP. . .

then i went touring around the island..; or rather, spending money to sit on train from north to east, then east to west.. argh.. slept almost all the way.. haha.. i guess i rather sleep than sit there count the stations ba.. then i reached scc way toooooooo early to find that the main hall was in use and thus i sat at lvl 2 waiting for some accompaniment to come along to keep me entertained.. lol~

we did jap graffiti IV + duo la 'A' meng during prac.. not the A tt hor hor is always thinkin anw, (hiak hiak hiak).. both pieces i've heard before but only did the latter during.. NYP or WSS days.. and now getting me to do in bsn AKA fagotto and in bass clef is so not easy..

lets prac to put up a wonderful performance together ba!! *claps*

sunday went to prawn again.. and surprise, *GASPS* i saw. . . i saw . . .

i saw . . .

U.H!! OMGOMGOMG~ ahaha.. then when i was changin bait, i felt someone standing there lookin.. i tot it was juz a random uncle then when i looked up, it was like [!!!] and i quickly look away.. lol~ very bad of me but i didnt know how else i could response.. any wrong move could bring harm to both side... U.H and H.H that is.. ahahhaa.. sighs + sighs and more sighs. .

we caught 9!! a huge drop from the previous record.. maybe, maybe.. it was only 2 hours, and it was morning so the prawns still sleepy.. and maybe someone didnt bring their beginners' luck out of the hse neh..

then off i go to syc for our youth dance prac.. regret to be slackin for the whole of last week.. hahaha.. (laugh some more) so alot of things left undone.. so gulity.. and so many issues that we need to resolve.. the success of HGS's CFG reminds me to buck up even more.. that they can achieve it even without me and so i must help to create a victory where i am right now!

even thou this yr no more 'xun hui yan chu' but thanks to snco, i m able to perform one more time other than weiyi's one.. hehehhehe.. i m not performin for my own chpts one.. DOSHITE?!?!?! cuz.. i cant dance.. leg injured. sobss. sad. set. . . ? ahahah.. medicine please~

sept holis here.. HOR HOR HOR~ [surname, name] where's my teachers' day present?!?! ahahaha.. jkjk.. i then dun want.. later take le will super stress..

let us gambatte together!! (from gokusen:) FIGHTO~~ OH!!


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