back from sensei's video..

it was very wonderful..

sensei says tt "a true disciple puts his words into action..

then there was this ywd from SGI-USA tt sensei asked :"do you remember how old were you when i first met you?"
the lady replied:"yes. 6."
sensei continued:"wow.. you can still remember.."
the lady said:"yes. at the point in time, i already decided that you are my mentor in life!"

wow! she was so resolute and my tears jiu rolled down le.. *claps!

kept thinkin on my way home.. wad can i do? like someone's blog, tt person has also changed since the first post till now, from not-so-good to maybe better.. but me? i've changed from good to worse.. hai.. really muz jia you le.. like i-ban says.. ".. take ur time, but sensei cannot wait" ya lor.. i dunno wad cani do, wad shld i do and wad muz i do..

umzzy says i'm emotional.. maybe cuz of tt i seemed more childish? and more 'bu dong shi' (meaning insensible)

Cheng Zhang! Cheng Zhang! Wo yi Cheng Zhang!! =)


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