Mooncake Festival

Zhong Qiu Jie Kuai Le!! (which means Happy Mooncake/ Mid-Autumn Fest to all!!)

this yr didnt celeb lei.. only my nephews got barney battery-operated lanterns.. anw, here to share some kawaii! & oiishi!! mooncake w u:

hungry le ma?? lastly to share w u'll a quote quoted from weiyi who quoted from June CL 2007. =)
"In this age when computers prevail,Capabilities to write,
read andConverse are important.
Opportunities to think should
Never be ignored.
The more society is equipped
With information technology,
The more dialogue with the humanTouch must be restored.
This conclusion is derived fromThe best sense the world can offer.
~ SGI President, Daisaku Ikeda (Taken from CL June 2007 Issue)"


Games for Food!

Fight World Hunger

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