hoi hoi!! finally got my pay.. yeah!! but at the same time, its a sigh... after payin 2 months of phone bill, 2 months of internet bills, give my mom, my sis, i have no more money left!! sob sob.. juz enough for me to travel and live on air and water.. :'( maybe still can add in a few pieces of cream crackers.. lolx..

and i have already tot of wad to buy when i receive my second pay!! (which is 30 days later.. sob sob)

shopping list:
- handphone ear piece
- cardigan/jacket
- pants for work
- shoes
- accessories
- and lots and lots of other stuffs.. haha..

and on my 3rd pay, i will subscribe to CL and SSA Time.. =D which is.. october alrdy.. then i only sub for 2 months.. sobz..

ok.. i'm off work!! tata!!


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