101th post

Yeah!! Lets celebrate the 101th post on my blog!! *claps*

had very long office hrs on thurs and fri.. stayed in office for 1 hr ++.. i muz have been a very good employer.. haha!! school is havin e-learn day soon le.. so expecting more and more work piling up..

had dmk for various pple in my district..was a good one i can say, with 3 chap ldrs, 2 MD dist from other dist and 1 zone ldr attending.. *claps*!! determined to fight this with all my beloved district mbrs and ldrs..

sat, as usual was a sleep in day.. went to look for a ywd in the afternoon.. wad my iic said touched me alot.. she said :"i wonder what can i do to really help all these ywds." she's one of the ldrs whom i can really feel sensei in her.. *claps claps claps* i muz strive to have sensei's heart too!!

after tt went for orch prac.. attendance was quite good actually.. at least we managed to play something decent out of a piece.. hai.. wad can i do? wad more can i do? wad else can i do? need to seriously think, pray and make actions to really create some positive changes.. jia you orh!! truly lost and sad for now.. i really isn't doin anything since the day i joined.. sensei!! wad shld i do??

sun. - was a totally slack day for me.. i forgot to set alarm and slept all the way till 7.00.. realised tt it was too late and i slept in again.. :P sorry wan li and suman!! recently i have been havin weird and bad dreams.. :( from 7.00 am to 10.00, i woke up several times to read smses.. -_-" muz be too popular le.. wahahahahha~ cant help it la.. anw, so i decided to wake up and 'do something'.. but in the end, i actually slacked the whole day.. lolx.. BUT, i found a cute and nice song to perform for fri rend this month! yeah!! dunno wad i'm talkin but anw, tml's mon so i still have some work to rush before i can go lala land!! tata~!

finally to end with sensei's guidance:
"We cannot build true character if we allow ourselves to be swayed by passing praise or censure. "Don't concern yourself with petty criticisms! Commune constantly with fine books and fine people and improve yourself!" This was the creed by which Mr. Makiguchi and Mr. Toda lived their lives."

- Daisaku Ikeda


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