random.. very random

hey hey!! i am updatin and postin some pics tt has been slpin in my phone for veri long alrdy..

do forgive me if some of them are juz crap.. =D

artistic mah? @ TBSC aft my interview.. to repay gratitude to the gohonzon!! =)

laura and me on the way home aft fri rend.. sorry it looks artistic cuz the train was too 'steady'.. woohoo!

TP foolscap paper which i bought as souvenir when i went to TP for MILK run.. wahhaahahah.. siao rite?

graduation! me, kal and uma~~

meow and me durin 0707.. see she like to be 'char siew bao'. haha!! =P

me and sis.. do we look alike?

our poor princess made to wear 3 birthday hats like tri-corn; instead of unicorn.. lolx!

i saw this blouse @ orchard this fashion.. ther's 5 colors~!! can wear 1 everyday.. any kind souls ard? wahahahaha..

bought this magnetic bookmark at hougang.. it's one of the rare ones over ther.. bought a ninja turtle and "qian li qian xun' - jap anime one as well! end up i have no money for lunch.. dumb! ~.~

wahahaha.. tts all for now.. hope u'll get entertained by my random shots.. tata!!


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