mission impossible IV

i'm back!! been starting my weekends only from 12pm onwards.. hehehehe.. too many things to blog abt until i dunno wad to blog abt.. this is my bad pt.. i'm always very not focus.. =S sat: meet jinsi for lunch, deposit tixs at HQ, then went to photocopy bassoon book, buy bubble tea, went jurong kaikan.. this is the simple summary.. talked with jinsi bout many things as usual.. cant rem now.. but maybe next time i will.. haha.. so went for prac.. again, struggling with my basson.. but now i got wisdom.. use my laptpm bag strap as 'backside' strap to support my bassoon so its much easier than sax neck strap.. nikee said we're playin 'guang bu' so i can actually play my sax but i actually didnt bring my mouthpiece and reeds!!! anyway, i was feelin really sad about our orchestra.. i know some has responsibility as ldrs but our attendance alrdy quite bad.. anyway, gotta do something and chant more for the great growth and unity of SNCO.. a name, a present given to us by sensei. i shared something with all of them.. because i feel i couldn't do nothing.. in addition to my lousy playin of the bassoon, i feel i shld contribute more to the growth and advancement of this grp.. so i shared the significance of May 3rd and why it is significant.. i feel that May 3rd is a day for me to renew my determination, my already-dying determination to go back to my primepoint and decide wad is the direction i shld go and lead.. though i do not wish to be praise as havin sensei's heart because i alone know that i am not yet a worthy disciple of sensei, nor expect any popular applause, i am going to do wad i feel will make the orchestra grow.. because this is wad the Gohonzon gives me wisdom for.. =D

then i watched this korean drama call "Only you".. i think its nice.. esp the character the female lead is potraying.. this show is about this guy and this girl who met sometime ago.. (i dunno wad happen in the beginning) they "ahem ahem" and the girl got pregnant.. but the guy left and this leaving, was a duration of 6 yrs.. eventually the girl gave birth to the baby of theirs. so they met again when this girl worked in this restaurant which the guy was the boss.. he was trying to save the restaurant from a crisis so knowing the girl's talent, he sat her a challenge to come out with dishes that is able to save the restaurant from closing down.. so aft tt, the girl managed to come up with dishes to satisfy a famous food critic but because her food was more home-made than professional, she was made to leave the restaurant.. and immediately the next day, the girl's mom found her a job at a worker's site but the guy asked her back again, this time to cook for his dad. as the girl was previously under the guy's mom's training, she was able to cook dishes that has the taste of his mom.. and the guy wanted his dad to experience "mom's taste" again.. out to help him, the girl agreed. then bla bla bla.. in the end this guy falls in love with the girl but there was a lot of misuderstanding in between.. and the girl keep saying that he's self-centered etc.. even though the girl still love him.. reminds me of something.. but this story tells us that love is not everything.. if u really love the person and want the person and ur relationship to be happy, you shld not force u/the person to become pple tt u're originally not.. so it is only thru mutual tolerance, acceptance and also human revolution can we have a happy relationship.. =)

are you'll very confused by me? haha..

part I ends here.. i'll update again soon~~ watch out! @_@


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