hmmm. me here to blog again.. feelin a lil empty.. dunno why.. inclu. aft ivan sent me tt sms.. many thoughts.. hai.. everyone can be a good leader.. but its really whether u're determine to do it well and whether you have realised ur mission.. sometimes i'm really very confused by myself.. i always think many sides to a incident.. is this good? i think no. i shld have deepen my conviction in the gohonzon.. not pure faith at all.. and i think my seekin spirit is leaving me.. gosho study ytd was good! really asked myself what have i been doing and how am i able to seek out to sensei.. i need more daimoku!! a lil hesitatant now to be trainer for upcoming milk run mass dance.. i feel tt even though i appear a bit siao to all of u, i dun feel open to jus anyone.. i muz breakthru.. yearning to bring all my mbrs and friends along as well..
i dunno wad happen to me.. even my zone ldr tells me i'm not as 'high' as i use to be.. its accumulated effect for sure.. i muz polish my life!! makin an impt decision tml.. heex.. its a secret..

Toda sensei says:"Go to the most difficult places first. Tackle the hardest challenges first." Ikeda sensei adds on:"If you start with the most difficult and arduous challenges, you can make a breakthrough in your struggles and make great strides forward."

tts y i say my decision is impt.. i believe in shotenzenjin

i bought a portable hard disk, 100GB for 149; a mousepad with wrist rest for 8; and a mouse for 11. is this considered cheap? and i've got a 6 bucks discount! well, i like my hard disk alot.. despite being 100GB, it is quite slim and no adaptor needed.. it is glossy black with blue light!! sexy right? haha.. and my mouse also.. black, silver with blue light! this will last me until i'm 'reach' enough.. and i'm gonna get a desktop.. *grinz*

weili muz jia you orh.. muz learn to respect and encourage more pple.. been losing that ability.. i'm trying my best!! gohonzon, i muz really stand up again! and suddenly many pple are msgin me askin how am i, jioing me out.. really thanks alot!! sorry pple i know i'm always the one busy, missing out all the outings.. but i need to rush.. i need to hurry up! because sensei cannot wait for me to take my own sweet time! 1 & 1/2 months is all i have.. and i realised i have so many things to complete.. Bodhisattva of the Earth, where are you?!?! Leaders of the people, Where are you?!?! if you are a true disciple of Nichiren, stand up now! "As long as one of you stand up, a second, a third and more will follow. "


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