lets grow together 4!

never tot tt today's 1 & 1/2 - 2 hrs of ldrs mtg can make me realise so much things once again.. to start off, we sang a song for all mothers that is "天下的妈妈都是一样的" yup.. so i created a lil something for all mothers to commemorate this special day.. =)

after singing, we started our mtg proper with activities updates.. woah. it was quite alot of activities.. so sorry for not using the activities list at all.. =P so after all the updates, was updates by WD.. and then by our chpt chief reg breaking our big "orstrich egg".. feel so guilty and suddenly realised i've been sleeping for so long.. juz like one of our ldr who say tt sometimes we lag behind or there may be some ldrs who missed one mtg, and the second one, and slowly they detach from our activities and suddenly we dun see them alrdy.. tts y we muz also look back sometimes and pull our fellow comrades along.. like me.. somebody!! ~SOS~

then SH said something which strucked me: something like "thanks all leaders for making it down after a hard days' work. 很可怜hor.. 可是广布的道路上是没有可怜这两个字的。" which i feel ya.. we as ldrs shld nv feel tt workin for our members, for kosen-rufu and sensei shld be a burden or something very stressful.. so i muz strive harder!!! recalling back the YGM, i didnt put in much efforts.. surely did not deserve the praise by all of you.. but as our t-shirt wrote, 与师共战, i will definitely do my best just for the sake of sensei!

i think i have been on the reverse gear for very long le.. tts why now i feel so lost.. like dunno what the org is happening, how the avtivities are shifting its direction.. =( i cant help anyone ard me.. today's my last day of work.. how fast time flies! feelin a lil sad and pity that i gave up a job tt has such good location.. but nah, i'm going forward to pursue my dreams.. even though my dream is to become a designer, i always asked myself what is the purpose? i wan to be able to design stuffs tt gives people hope, courage and happiness.. but felt abit beatened aft wad my ex-boss says.. anyway, i'm gg to listen to sensei and set my dreams high! i will definitely find my mission~~ though i wanted very much to be a designer, at the same time, i feel that i will be much happier if i can help pple ard me directly.. as in helpin them to find a job, giving them confidence to stand up again etc.. DAIMOKU! is all i need now.. take care peeps from _ _ _.. haha.. hope you guys like the email i sent! ^^


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