answer to myself

What is the result of today’s campaign?
I tried my best in everything.
Any regrets about today’s campaign?
60% yes, 40% no
Nothing to be ashamed of in today’s campaign?
i was never ashamed to be able to seek and grow.
Are you prepared for tomorrow’s advance?
Yes. Again and again, i must win. no matter what others feel or think. sensei says:"
"On a thousand-mile
journey, we must
forge on, or we will not reach our
Have you the confidence for tomorrow’s ascent?
I have the confidence. i must have the confidence. and i will.
Have you conviction for tomorrow’s efforts?
Yes, that I do. I will do my best again to create another victorious page in my history.
Are you faithful to life’s purpose?
i have been lost but i will renew myself again and again. getting closer and seeing my mission clearer yet seems to be further. i set my life for this buddhism.
You have no forgotten life’s ultimate mission?
i may forget. but always at that jucture, someting wakes me up again. i muz never fail to remind myself yet again.

my feelings right now are as depicted in our song:"sometimes i feel that i don't know, who or what am i. But then i know that i muz strive, to keep a dream alive. "

Jia you weili!!


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