i'm stronger! than yesterday

hehe.. yea.. tts britney's song.. i think aft thinkin and chanting, i feel so dumb infront of others lor.. even though tt not wat i am.. (if u agree with me) if you don't, its fine.. because i am who i am.. haha!! well.. practised guitar for awhile.. i can play!! but juz changin of chords need to pause den continue.. now my fingers hurt.. but i know aft awhile it'll be seasoned.. suky says she wanna play violin for me.. but now she still learning.. ke lian de neighbour.. haha!! well.. suky, GET WELL SOON!! tml's ur big day so pls be in the best condition to do ur papers.. will be prayin for you.. =)

needa prepare for the upcomin exhibition le.. and i'm still not yet done with the research!! so sorry peeps.. :S needa burn midnight oil le.. so many pple sick nowadays.. squeeze time squeeze time.. tml gonna teach peixuan math.. hope i still rem man.. and she msged "weili jie".. -_- l i so old mah? think we same age ba.. :'( haha.. i'm so happy!! because i think i can contain 100ml from the original 80ml of hardships le.. yea.. siao.. yes.. musicsiao.. SNCO pple.. sectionals on sat? i m gg to have mine if u dont.. :P


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