hi all.. would like to share this guidance from CL(creative Life) oct. it is shared by a WD(women division) when she share her testi of how she overcame her asthma and also her problem in marriage. it really inspire me alot.. here goes :

" There are many other elements involved in a prayer being answered, but the important thing is to keep praying until it is. By continuing to pray, you can reflect on yourself with unflinching honesty and begin to move your life in a positive direction towards the path of earnest, steady effort. Even if your prayers doesn't produce concrete results immediately, your continual prayer will at some time manifest itself in a form greater than you had ever hoped. it will also protect you.
You will look back on what happened and realize that your prayer was indeed answered, and you will be completely satisfied with the result. The essence is this: if what you are praying for will truly contribute to your happiness and to your becoming a better person, it will be answered without fail. Even if you don't see the result immediately, it will in time become apparent."
-Daisaku Ikeda

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