back from camp!!

hi all.. i'm back again!! the 2 days 2 nights camp was really rejuvenating for me! i have new directions in life again!! too much to share here so if u wanna know nmore about the youth camp juz ask me personally ya?

i've completed the deign for my little furry ball for my game.. it looks like this :
<--normal state<-- when it's being stretched

while waiting for the pics to upload, shall talk abit more.. hehe.. so other than the normal team-building games we played during sch camps, we had high-rope elements games like flying-fox, abseiling etc.. i wanted to try the flyin fox but by then, we had not enough time and had to proceed on already.. ='( den rock climbin : i was too afraid to try.. haha.. i played the abseiling though.. it was nice!! u need to control the rope to descend urself down.. den of the group of "facilitators" for the high-rope element games, one of them looked like Jackie chan!(chen long) will show u'll the pic we took with him if have the chance.. and he was a gakkai member too! everytime we saw him i'll say :"eh.. chen long come already" and the rest will laugh.. haha.. we slept at bunks with only planks of wood as bed so we use our sleepin bags.. and every morning we will wake up to the sound of helicopters flyin past.. & its like my phone alarm hasn't even sounded lor~~

anyway, it was fun.. 2 days only but we will surely keep in contact n see each other at kaikan right?? i was thinkin, the 400 of us, plus the indonesian memebrs... if we are truly eencouraged n inspired, when we go all out to contribute, wat change can we make!! though i was like not so enthu(not as enthu as i shld be,) but i'll continue to polish myself n have "faith like water"

here to end with a sensei quote :""The word 'way' stands for the Lotus Sutra."

* Regarding "which living beings/practice the way, and which do not," the "Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings" reads, "Now Nichiren and his followers who chant Nam-myoho-renge- kyo are those who 'practice the way,' while those who do not chant are those who 'do not [practice the way]'" (Gosho Zenshu, p. 758). In the same place, he explains that the "way" indicates the Lotus Sutra.

President Toda interpreted this sutra passage as explaining the immense power of the Gohonzon:Practicing the way means believing in and propagating faith in the Gohonzon. Not practicing the way means not doing so. The Gohonzon knows what people are doing and considers how best to save them, producing punishment or reward according to their stance. The Gohonzon does not frown upon people simply because they do not have faith but contrives to lead them to happiness on that basis. This passage says that the Buddha definitely knows whether one is practicing the way.

Who is fighting hard? Who is slacking off? The Gohonzon knows everything about us, down to the very core of our being. We need simply continue advancing, fully confident that the Gohonzon is watching over us. This is the "way." We are advancing along the way called the Mystic Law. And the way of kosen-rufu, which lies in spreading faith in the Mystic Law throughout the world, is the unsurpassed way. It is the great way of happiness. (Lectures on the "Expedient Means" and "Life Span" Chapters of the Lotus Sutra by Daisaku Ikeda, Volume 3, page 173)


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