tell me!!

sat and sun was spent very fulfilling indeed.. had review session at zone's hse. and no matter how i try to avoid, it still happened. im really sorry that i didnt do better or cont in my efforts. i could see how KL's mindset had changed and when she shared abt her thoughts and stuffs learnt, im very much encourage by her humbleness indeed.

then met WY to prac our morigasaki.. but half the time we were like playin other songs and chatting.. OMG~~ the two of us tgt really can come up with alot of other stuffs.. really appreciate all her postcards and lil guidances. :) thank you my comrade!

then we went to tampONE. walked ard.. and off she went to meet bear-lil-friend. XD all the kaoshiung, shu xiong came out.. :P

have started on my real-time game.. and even so, pple is pillaging me. and the scary thing is, i think someone over there who i jus tot was a online accquaintance, dunno how, checked out my profile and pic - idunnofromwhere - and said that i looked cute? OMG... im so gonna avoid him. GO AWAY.

then sun came.. finally didnt take cab.. but i was slightly late. :S
then we did some warm-ups and some sight-reading of band pieces.. which i think was another time-well-spent pieces.. we shld do personal prac for 1-2 hours then combine.
then prac ended but some of us stayed and tried chamber. it was nice but i guess im the one dragging others down. ALTO CLEF!! *strangles.*

then met hor er and heng er for lunch and we set off to tsc. stupid hor hor "possessed" my rabbit toy and started saying nonsense.. all the rubbish we were playin in the bus. OMGOMG~
then i was at tsc.. they had invited me and WY to play for them. so weird.. only 2 ladies out of all men group. (dun worry our MD sing also out of tune. XD lets forgive them.)

then off again i rush to TPY. it was alrdy 750 when the mtg starts at 7pm. OMG. and abt 4 empty cabs drive pass me when they are available. i not ah piao!!
finally reached the place after much struggle. (the drive abit weird.. and the nets is down. boo.)
and so.. i was obviously the last person to reach and i tink with me ard we spoke of alot of redundant and stupid things.. and ended mtg at 11++++.. home sweet home..

think that i shld take things for granted. got to work harder!

wads the secret? or maybe its not a secret but i wanna know!! so curious.. argh... so irritating..


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