an hour plus of hike on a pair of 4cm heels

Once upon a time, a rabbit who lived in the far side of the mountain decided to pay its fren who was living down the mountain a visit.

'hmm.. since i am going on such a far journey after such a loooong time, ' the rabbit thought. 'let me wear my beautiful high heels to show that dear friend of mine.'

and so, she wore her beautiful heels and strutted her way down the mountains.

Oh! What a happy reunion it was~ the rabbit and her snakey friend! So they decided to go marketing together at the nearest fair near snakey’s town and then walk back home for a nice dinner together which would be a total of an hour.

The rabbit thought: “ah.. what am I going to do now that I am wearing my new shoe? How I wish I can take them off but this is a rare chance for me to come out of that mountain! Alright then, I will show off my beautiful shoes here!”

So they walked and walked and walked. Sharing much laughter and joy along the journey which makes it seem less tiring and strenuous.

Finally! They reached snakey’s house and snakey invited rabbit in for dinner as well as some rest. Rabbit was so glad but there was one more thing to do – to check whether snakey senior was at home before rabbit could go in. Well, snakey senior has a thing for fresh animal meat!

Ensuring that it was safe to go in, rabbit entered the house and finally got a chance to rest it legs from the beautiful-but-high heels as she sat down on the sofa.

After the rest and the dinner, the two friends bid farewell and the rabbit once again, put on her heels and set her way up the mountains, home sweet home.


RAWR~ wondering how could i have come up with such a story? haha.. well, only.. 30% of it is true. the rest is not. am really really tired. and i just get soooooooo lazy.. arg arg arg arg !@. #$%^.. haha..

i've 2 new lame jokes! *clap* 1. 为什么蟑螂死了还会走?2. 草和木中间有个人,猜一个字。slowly think ba!! haha.. answer will be revealed, -shortly-.

yea.. so ther goes my story.. haha.. sometimes its really scary when siblings get too alike.. :S *goosebumps* i am jus thinkin of it la. anw, a friend of mine(a ymd from SGM) got into this BLOG contest. his link is just below, i'm doin what ever i can to help him gather votes. so pls, VOTE for him!!

hasnt the energy to post photos.. so yea, till the next time then! ja-neh~


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