internet is up!!

yay¬¬ finally ah tu is able to use internet at home..

after days of struggles.. --"

called my service provider in the day and even left my contact but they didnt get back to me.. too busy?

slept almost throughout the day.. due to lost of blood? hahaha.. then went for my study mtg in the evening and back home.. until my sis asked my to call "them", i intend to go to sleep..

seriously i do not understand.. but as learnt from tonight, everything has its good side and bad side.. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.. :P

when the service provider pple couldnt help me much w the technical details, i got to call the router pple.. i think ar, i'm dialing to US leh.. cuz the line seems to be quite unstable.. for the first call, she could not hear me and until i hear a long 'b-e-e-p' sound.. then i called back again..

the service was quite good but for the fact that she was sooooooooo patient, i was the one getting impatient.. ahahhaa.. she was very detailed.. afraid that the other person might be an IT-noob ba.. she went like "ok, go to the bottom right hand corner of your screen and look for a computer icon. is there a red X on it?" ahaha.. i feel like tellin her, ya, its the wireless connection.. :P but interesting...

so yay¬ my internet is back.. juz that now ther's some slight prob w my keys.. like keys that show opposite of what they're supposed to show..

yay¬ once again.. but boo.. to my new role.. ahahha.. i am jus so not ready i guess.. lots to learn.. maybe to fall from a high building then i'll learn.. :P


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