can i blog?

can i blog can i blog can i blog??

its office hrs for me now!! but am always using it to do something else.. :P so bad hor..

had a meetup ytd w the 'blue and green people'.. hahahaa.. qing chu yu lan sheng yu lan mah..

went thru the mbrs, ldrs, and dist's list.. feeling like WOAH! cuz i completely have no idea of the situation.. and i suddenly feel like sensei when he was young, Toda sensei entrusted him with tasks and sent him to prefectures and district where members' faith was stagnant and to create and build the foundation.

hmmm.. but, somehow inside of me, i feel that i really do not have the capabilities.. i am a quite new leader, appointed 4 years ago first as SD CIC and 3 years ago as district leader..

now, i'm taking over from my ex-dist leader who used to look after me and working tgt w my FD ic who looked after me too in my secondary school days..

seems to be stacking bricks on top of myself hor.. alright i shouldn't accumulate anymore bad karma in my life also.. lol!! but seriously, honestly, i already have some plans and strategy and actions at the back of my mind that i want to carry it out.. Rule No. 1: to strive in itaidoshin with youth leaders and then 4Div leaders. =)

as i promised myself and the reason for taking up this responsibility, i must be able to forge myself into stronger and capable-er individual. in order to help others and myself. =D yes! taking concrete actions!!


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