what a confusing world...

yeah!! concert is over..


weiyi didnt come, jinsi didnt come, weiling didnt come, and my dist girls didnt come.. my dist ymd also didnt come..


i didnt receive any flowers wor.. only some weird person sms me say 'i know you, just that your phone doesnt have the correct combination of 9876543210 of my no.' like duh! meow leng, help!!


this is considered OUR first official concert besides playin for impromptu performances, or tgt w Nester they all.. so not bad.. though i missed some notes, a few pitches off, missed a few cues, stoned a lil, everything else was ok..

tired.. after the 'mess' on fri, then the crazy IT show on sat, then the early morning gongyo on sunday.. i will miss the wonderful friendship and the wonderful conductors and the wonderful music we all made together..

though it was really not easy(for me) haha.. cuz i really struggled alot.. both mentally and physically.. wanted to give up many many times.. but i told myself not to.. i always made myself think what would sensei do if he was me? and i think he will take everything to himself without complains and persevere on..

though i'm not so great.. but i managed to really persevere on.. so many things happening to people around makes me realise how important a life is.. and how much we want to achieve is really determined by how much we want it to be achieved.. understand? i juz want to show, show that no matter how great the hurdle, as long as we keep on reminding ourselves of our vow, of our determination each time doubt arises, as long as we have the compassion and wisdom.. we will definitely be able to breakthru our lesser self..


i'm so sorry.. i MIGHT have misunderstand... and scolded the wrong person.. maybe what you did was right? maybe it wasnt.. things seems to always be so 'grey' that there's no seperation between right and wrong, good and bad.. my resources in my Pte Ltd de company is used up le i think..


dun wan to create any more bad karma in my life... change change change!!! *like sailormoon eh?* ^^V


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