renewed and inspired!

back from my RHQ ldrs mtg!! feel so inspired yet also feel burdened entrusted with the huge responsibility..

attended tonights' mtg feelin different from usual. Prepared souvenirs(my last gift.. haha..) for HGS so i missed the chanting.. =/

also missed most of what the first speaker said.. then was about significance of discussion meeting.. followed by details and purpose of upcoming CGM Q&A session then lastly encouragement from VGD Mr Chan!

his encouragement was very solid.. not theoreotical but down-to-earth.. citing examples of possible incidents and sharing of experiences..

and he shared something very interesting.. he said that if any point in time we feel LLC or down or despressed or self-denial, just tell yourself "I'M UNDER ATTACKED!!!" (and i was damn amused by his actions at this pt in time.) in fact, it means the attack of sanshoshima which obstructs us to accomplish kosen-rufu. Once we identify this, we will be able to stand up and not let that affect us.

3.15 and 3.16 was really a great success!! sensei had the photos of the symposium and 3.15 commemorative meeting published on Seikyo Shimbun!! and the picture of 3.15 was blown up BIG BIG wor.. dun need magnifying glass, microscope, telescope or even spectacles to see ourselves inside neh!! *clapclap*

-- digress --
i am still unsure of my own capabilities.. in fact, even wanted to request to go back to HGS and fight together with them.. but i that there'll be a time where i have to left go of all the tasks and responsibility so that others can grow.. and now is the time.. so i'll to have such conviction that things will definitely go my way, and of course, i have to first grasp the correct strategy and take prompt and accurate action so that i can grow and also foster many successors..

something sheng told me struck me.. i have become so prejudice and negative that perhaps my mind has been clouded.. yes, a blog is one for people to write down their ideas.. so it does not mean that everything is true or wadsoever.. i really appreciate that someone understands.. yay~ and he say that we muz speak out the truth.. a few words tagged or comment doesnt mean anything.. i'm sure wad WE are doing is correct, because we are slowly seeing the effect.. once again, my tap is triggered but more importantly, i know we must act.. ACTION!!


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