i'm back!

so long nv update le.. maybe cuz i lazy? cant be bothered? no time?

hmmm.. i think all of the above ba.. recently things are happening so fast tt i have no time, dun wish to and dun wan to write them all down anymore..

had performance for deepvali last sat.. explains why i wasnt at prac.. SSHHHHH...

anw, it was really a veri good experience for me.. good as in, good.. hahaha.. i joined in only at the last prac, before the second last rehearsal.. cuz ther wasnt enough pple.. why did i join in? cuz... this is a community event tt SSA has been invited to participate.. i really dun wan to see our kosen-rufu movement not successful.. because i felt tt this is much more impt than the orch prac.. this is how i feel..

then hor, the makeup auntie.. or rather, the tie-hair auntie she recognises me!!! but so sad, she say"wah.. ni pang le, pi fu ye hao hen duo le hor" -_-" hurray to the second line.. hehehe.. juz glad.. yes, i will show actual proof in my life and definitely look her up again! next yr, i promise.. =)

hmmm.. have been searchin for my mission all these while.. even more so, after 5 mths of workin in this new environment.. i dun wanna continue or stop without any goals again, or simply run away to find better comfort..

completed some assignment for FR.. dunno whether they'll accept.. but nah.. hahahha.. i think that was a pretty good one..

somemore comin up, but suddenly my brain jam.. isit due to the new software or simply cuz i'm not in the right mood.. the right mindset? hai.. i've so many other things on my mind.. the YWD/WD mtg, M&D fest, bla bla.. :(

wo hen lei.. bu shuo le.. sui jiao looooo!!!


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