updates from weili!!

hi my dearest~~!! i'm bck!! sorry for not updating for such a long time.. was down with fever,flu and cough the last week.. so sick till i was at home for 4 days!! but still, didnt mange to lose ny weight.. :( i'm back!! hahahaha.. back to work, to my usual self.. (though not quite very usual..) just had our Hougang Zone youth gathering this morning!! and i was given a very impt mission that is: *EMCEE*!! haa.. impt right? my partner was weiliang!! a very unique and 'cute' ymd.. hahaha.. had lots of fun working tgt with him and pauline who has a hard time guiding us along.. wahha.. cuz we too jialat alrdy.. but other than learning what to say etc.. i learn more on seeing sensei's spirit from other leaders.. how they constantly think of mbrs, think of what to do/say is the best etc.. it really brought me a lil closer to myself, my primepoint once again..

really thanks all of you from the 4 chapters for all the hardwork.. we are facing challenges in all different different kind of areas - be it from rallying members, to havin n idea what to do, to getting a cheer, or even the design of the shirt, we all came tgt for a common gret purpose.. that is to reach out to our friends who are suffering and show the correctness and greatness of this Buddhism.. yeah!! Hougang Zone!! Victory!

and i'm really glad i've 2 friends who came down! 1 is a new friend from NYP and the other is my goodie girl-friend who's mbr, also from NYP! the attendance is not bad.. the spirit of the youths and to make them feel encouraged is the most impt.. though we may not have done our best, as weiliang was havin a sore throat and me not chanting enough dmk, we have done our best to bring all the audiences tgt. well, this gives all of us a chance to train ourselves in all endeavours.. muz polish myself even more.. for the sake of sensei! 'i m with you sensei, wherever you lead. i'm beside you, though storms may asail us..' though i'm not very gung ho or really steadfast in faith, i'll slowly climb and advance.. lets grow together!!

super excited bout NYP orientation this tues.. will not wan to waste the entire day playing games.. but.. how am i gg to encourage the members and friends? if sensei were here, what will he do? i muz put in more effort.. grad in 1+ month time.. so sad~!!

i think i talk a lot le.. my 'a' key spoil.. a lil diff to type as it's one of the most impt keys.. having some new decisions in life.. jia you ba! chanting for the great lifeforce, wisdom, courage and compassion to pursue my dreams and mission as a BOE.. Gambatte!!


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