long weekends

yea!! ther's long weekends!! still havin trouble havin interest in my job.. :(
i'm trying my best.. but yet my boss says tt "u're in a good mood i'm not ok.." wah.. really hurts alot lor.. but nvm.. yi ding yao sheng li!!!
so fri.. wad did i do? basically a slack day.. wake up at like 11am? den eat lunch, and went for hairdo.. finally rebonded and cut my hair!! yeah!! i'm so happy.. wont look like shaggy dog.. anyone has good hair cream or leave-ons for rebonded hair to recommend? pls tag!! i sit there until my butt pain ok... 4+hrs.. and aft tt went for polaris planing.. was a small gathering but we will slowly build it from here. i assure..
sat: morning went to sungei buloh nature reserve with noel, jinsi, junyao and linda. if u wan to know how to get ther, juz take train to kranji station, from there take a shuttle bus tt comes hourly i.e. 10am, 11am... etc.. and it'll take u there.. ther's like 9 different places of interest for you to visit.. basically we only went to 4 places. sungei buloh reserve, bollywood(for makan), koi pond and goats' farm. it rained in the afternoon and sort of spoil our day but it certainly cooled the heat!! aft tt met up w meihui, jacq and angela to bring them to NDP.. abit sad and disappointed tt jacq pulled out at the last moment but i'll cont to encourage her.. hai.. weili also needs encouragement.. :P i hope meihui will be able to take up faith and both these girls will grow and breakthru in their own challenges. i will struggle and see their growth together.. even though i cant join.. I CANT JOIN~~!! :'( will post the pics of the outin soon yea? NYP will also be havin our outing soon.. yea~~ haha.. :P
tml am gg morning gongyo with zixin and wan li.. how can i encourage them? muz do my best.. mind in a blank.. :O i got to type out my report now.. gtg!!
Garfield playing the bassoon.. can u imagine tts me? hehehex..
i think i will give up afterall.. but i will cont to polish myself until things go the other way round.. :P


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