photos, photos, and more photos!! Part II

Hi peeps!! i'm back to 'show off ' my photos.. haha.. so proud.. ^^,

me and jinsi on the way to SYC aft a romantic & high-end dinner @ vivo.. weiling dun jealous! >.<

my dearest angela.. =)

nice sky right? captured it near my place aft work.. make me feel so happy even though i'm tired.. =)
the gigantic fan at bugis village w za..
my black pointed shoes for concert.. nice hor~~ ^^
see anything special? our SSA 40th anniv logo is hanged all over outside the HQ.. so nice!

my new bag.. so nice rite?

energetic adult divisions.. even me and guangyi lose to their lifeforce.. =P
treble brooch! my sis got it for me.. so sweet.. thanks kak!
my saxy ornaments and gifts.. i didnt buy all these.. :)

these are all my music/sax related accessories.. =) i lurvvvvvvvvvvvve them!!
and finally, me and my sexy qing ai de suky before our concert.. =) love ya! muack muack!


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