hihi!! to all my 'fensi' (fans) who've been reading my blog.. hehe.. back bloggin again! my weekends were fulfilling.. well, modified from suky, it has been raining quavers and crotchets these few days.. semibreve as well! all my shoes are wet!! =( i suppose the rainy season wil last for quite awhile.. and it gonna cause more harm.. sat my entire day was filled w activities. in the morning went to teach tuition, afternoon to syc for NYP CIC mtg.. and evening SNCO prac.. the dmk chart i did was too black.. :

so is it nice? too black le ar... :'( quite saddened but i'm gg to do a second version..
and.. suky's back from hoils!! didnt managed to see the photos.. (next wk muz see hor...!!) she gave me two chocolates!! but i gave them away.. as tokens of encouragement.. heex.. so sorry!!

so sun.. went for morning gongyo and GD Ong shared on prayers.. one particular line which he emphasized is a line from sensei :" In the midst of darkness, Gongyo is my dawn of hope."
it may be difficult to wake up earlier to do dmk or gongyo but lets all do it! (after today no more trying...) yes! lets resolute to do it! gongyo will make a big difference to out daily life.. so then spent the whole day makin souvenirs.. evening went to sengkang for dialogue and to pass my fren something.. yi ding yao jia you oh! =) shall end my post here.. will post my new design soon!! (^-^)


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