back to blog.. sigh.. something happened durin my atth. was really upset.. guess my life condition was really low then.. and i feel really sad.. sigh.. not sure how to resolve.. can only chant that i slowly gain back the trust or even more trust than before from my 'tao kay'.. thurs went to 'soul' garden w wl,wf,jy and sm.. eh... juz nice all of us only got chinese names.. haha.. well, it was a causal gatherin to unwind.. i think i ate up all my unhappiness.. went back home to chant bout it.. fri i was quite high.. well.. had lots of fun durin the evening job.. and i'm so glad to have made so many frens.. build so many wonderful friendships.. thank you guys!! even though we might not have sell as much 'lightin fan' as the one beside us, but we have definitely more friends!! like those on high stilts, all those from converse shoe store.. even helped us to sell our snow spray.. the ice-cream stand uncle, the trishaw rider, the rubbish collector, even our friends in India!! and not forgetting our 'CWO'(cross walk officer).. its really an experience to work at orchard.. those of u who know me will knoe tt i dunno orchard well.. ask me where is lido or shaw hse i'll definitely get lost.. i only know HMV and Taka, cine.. haha.. and there's often a few tourist or even singaporeans who'll come ask for directions.. like cairnhill hotel.. then i'll be like.. 'sorry sir, i'm not sure'.. haha!! well, 2006 is comin to an end.. looking back, i'm also not sure wat have i achieved.. i've learnt quite a few things on photoshop, flash, as well as my first 2/3(cant rem) concerts with SNC.. wonderful SD and FD concerts.. dmk for melvin's mom, shirley as well as chang long.. my resolutions for 2007? lemme go and think and shall share with u guys again.. stay tune!! (^-*)


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