i'm back!!

yo pple!! back aft so long.. finally have the 'chance' to blog.. its not a chance actually.. juz tt my hair is wet and i cant slp for now.. and i only had less than an hour of slp for 2 days.. @_@ got panda eyes le.. went for SD Kenshu!! well.. i'm glad i did.. really encouraged.. took the SD Leaders exam as well.. even though i was not prepared at all.. :S well.. can see tt ASD has grown... they have alot of pple man~~ *jealous jealous* but its ok.. NYP will also grow de.. i hope to really leave behind something for all of them and to foster more leaders before i grad lor.. currently no plans.. everyday busy with work.. and i guess i gonna make it short here.. juz to share 2 short questions for all of you to keep in your heart and ask yourself :

1. For what purpose do we cultivate wisdom? May you always ask yourself this question!

2. Only labour and devotion to one's mission gives life it's worth.

woohoo.. i actually remember these two lines exactly.. will be gg to Japan at Dec next yr with my sister and frens for personal guidance trip.. still searching for my mission as to where i shld go.. During this kenshu we actually learnt about mission. What is mission? Our mission is using our potential, in the field that we are working in, make the best out of it to benefit humanity.. So for me is Infocomm.. What is Infocomm? still a vague idea to me.. but i'll continue to search for it.. AZA AZA!! Gambatte!! (^-^)

*P.S : for all those who have put in your best for the kenshu, THANK YOU!! you've really encouraged me.. for those who have not done anything, well, its not too late.. lets take action now!

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